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MCMXC . received some criticism for its sexual and religious themes and connotations but it became a worldwide success, reaching the top 10 in ten countries, including the United Kingdom, and No. 6 in the United States where it sold over 4 million copies and stayed on the Billboard 200 chart for 282 weeks. Four singles from the album were released—" Sadeness (Part I) ", " Mea Culpa (Part II) ", " Principles of Lust ", and " The Rivers of Belief ". "Sadeness (Part 1)" topped the singles charts worldwide and remains Enigma's most successful single. In 1991 and 1999, the album was re-released with additional remixed tracks.

Warnings: There will be a future SLASH relationship in this story but also, obviously, HET relationshipstoo. The story will only takes place in the HP world in the first one and probably two chapters and then only mentioned later in the rest. The world of the Twilight Saga will be the scene for the rest of the chapters. I'm kind of leaving out major happenings from the 6th and 7th HP books. There is no horcruxes in this story or deaths of characters like in the last book. I'm also slightly altering the Twilight Saga timeline. The story will start, when in the Twilight world, almost nearly at the end of the fourth last book with major changes to the original plot. IMPORTANT: There is NO Isabella Swan in this story, obviously, since Edward is paired up with Harry. I love Bella to death (The fourth book Rocked!) but I can't fit her into the story as I would have like it. Since I'm kind of stealing the whole idea of Edward not being able to read Harry's mind (because of intense occlumency training) from the original plot, and I want Harry to feel special, there's just no way for her to appear in this story! Sorry!

Enigma - The Same ParentsEnigma - The Same ParentsEnigma - The Same ParentsEnigma - The Same Parents